My Favorite Stuff Mom Never Told You Episodes: Cristen + Molly Edition

Looking for something new to listen to? Stuff Mom Never Told You is a feminist podcast that talks about, well, stuff your mom (likely) never told you. Click through for some tuff Mom Never Told You episodes favorites organized by topic!

With Serial back on everyone’s radar, podcasts are getting more and more attention. I wanted to really dive into one of my favorites: Stuff Mom Never Told You. is an amazing resource for, well, anything. There are thousands of articles up on their website that teach you how different stuff works. I used it a lot when I started my last job at an office technology dealer to learn how copiers work and how toner works.

But one of the best parts of How Stuff Works is how many podcasts they host. Sean first introduced me to Stuff You Should Know not long after we started dating, and then I fell in love with Stuff Mom Never Told You. It’s a feminist podcast that talks about, well, stuff your mom (likely) never told you.

Stuff Mom Never Told You, or SMNTY, has gained a lot of popularity as of late (thanks in part to its amazing YouTube channel), so I knew I wanted to start listening. But I didn’t want to miss out on any of the old material, so naturally I started from the very beginning: 2009.

The first voice, I totally recognized. Cristen Conger. She’s the one in the YouTube videos and is very much the face of SMNTY. But I was surprised by the other name… Molly Edmonds. I always knew SMNTY as “Cristen and Caroline,” but for the first two years, it was actually Cristen and Molly.

Well, I’m finally through all of the Cristen and Molly episodes, and I’ve learned a lot. Not all of the podcasts stood out to me, but a lot of them did.

When I tell people to listen to SMNTY, they always ask which episodes to listen to. Well, if you want to hear some of the older (but still very relevant) stuff, here’s where to begin. These are my favorite Stuff Mom Never Told You episodes, organized by topic.

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My Favorite Stuff Mom Never Told You Episodes: Cristen and Molly Edition

Women’s Health

Will there ever be male birth control?
Should boys get the cervical cancer vaccine?
Do birth control pills kill your libido?
Why are IUDs so unpopular in the United States?
How Planned Parenthood Works
Is menstruation the last taboo?
The Delightful History of Menstrual Products
What’s the scoop on lady poop?
What is polycystic ovary syndrome?
Do gal pals sync up periods?
Can you get rid of cellulite?
A Politics-Free Abortion Podcast
Should we care about hymens?


What’s the deal with pink and blue?
Do women dislike negotiation?
What is the lipstick indicator?
Are Disney princesses good role models?
A Brief History of Women and the Olympics
Why are burqas so controversial?
Are there feminist role models in children’s literature?
Why is Scandinavia so great for women?
A History of Home Ec
Why are more people enslaved than ever before?
Do baby names make a difference later in life?
Why do women become suicide bombers?


Why do brides wear white?
Does living together before marriage lead to divorce?
Why do women keep their maiden names?
Why should we talk about dating violence?
Do kids need both a mother and a father?


The Not-So-Skimpy History of the Bikini
The Thick and Thin of Eyebrows
When did sun tanning become popular?
Why is skin lightening such a big business?