8 Reasons Blogging BFFs are Good for Your Well-Being

Blogging BFFs are awesome to be around. But they're not just fun: they're also good for your well-being! Here are the 8 reasons blogging BFFs are super helpful to your mental health.

Blogging can be such a lonely industry. Most of us sit at our computers, all alone (except maybe a dog or a cat), with no one to talk to but our mysterious “audience.”

While a lot of us have full-time jobs to give us some human interaction, the actual act of blogging can be quite lonesome.

So, what’s a blogger to do? The best solution is to find blogging BFFs who can talk you through ruts, share industry knowledge, and give you a peak inside your target audience.

Believe it or not, blogging BFFs can actually have a huge impact on your well-being. Here’s why.

1 | They get excited with you when your real-life friends don’t understand.

Recently, I decided to change up my niche just a smidge. I’m still going to be writing about blogging, design, and feminism, but my audience is changing.

So often, bloggers who write about blogging talk about how to turn your blog into a full-time job, and all of their content reflects that. And that’s awesome! But not everyone wants to turn their blog into a full-time gig, myself included.

So, my new focus will be blogging and design tutorials, as well as women’s empowerment and career tips for career-focused women who are interested in blogging as a side-hustle (and keeping it on the side).

This change-up is so exciting for me. I’m feeling reinvigorated with my blog and just want to tell the world about it!

But guess what? Most of the world doesn’t care. Deflating, right?

Well, there is someone who cares: my Blogging BFF Angela. The more we talked about it, the more I got excited. And the more I got excited, the more she got excited.

And sometimes, just having someone to get excited with you is all you really need.

2 | They remind you to take breaks for yourself.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt guilty for not meeting a self-imposed deadline. 🙋🙋🙋

Only like all the time, amirite?

If I ever run out of time to write a blog post or send out a newsletter, I’m beating myself up over it. Either my calendar gets messed up because I’m posting something on Wednesday instead of Tuesday, or I have to miss out on an entire week of posting and interacting with my audience. Plus, either way I’m losing out on consistency, which is super important when you’re a blogger.

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But you know what’s not productive? Beating myself up over it. My blogging BFF is always the one to point this out to me.

Instead, I need to reflect on what happened, why it happened, and how I can prevent that from happening in the future.

Or, better yet, she encourages me to take a short hiatus from my blog, remove all of my deadlines, and just relax for a bit. She knows the big things I’m going through in my life and gives me the nudge I need to take some time for myself.

And thanks to these suggestions, I’m always able to come back more rejuvenated and excited than before.

3 | They might be your target audience.

The best types of blogging BFFs are the ones in your target audience. Even better if you’re in each other’s target audience!

Angela, for example, is my target audience. She works full-time, has career goals, and loves writing. She wants to blog and make money on the side, but knows she doesn’t want to do it as a full-time job. (There are major benefits of knowing where your paycheck is coming from each month!)

And conversely, I’m in her target audience. She’s a food blogger who focuses on young professionals and college students who are interested in cooking at home more, but are overwhelmed by it. My fiancé does most of the cooking, but I’m interested in getting more into it so I can help him out (and so I can take care of myself if he’s busy / sick / out of town).

This is amazingly convenient for us, because we randomly text each other with questions relating to our niches. Hello, instant blog post ideas!

Plus, the more you talk to each other, the more you come to understand the everyday life of your target audience. This helps immensely when trying to write with them in mind! Instead of writing your blog posts or newsletters to an imaginary group of people, write it to your blogging BFF! It’s going to end up a lot more personable.

4 | They teach you new things all the time.

Similarly, if you are in their target audience, you’re going to constantly be learning from them. I’m always teaching Angela new things about her blog, and she’s always teaching me new cooking strategies and recipes. It’s a win-win!

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Plus, since you’re both bloggers, you’re able to share what new strategies, plugins, and ecourses you’ve been trying out and loved (or hated!). Sharing this type of knowledge with each other means the time you need to spend experimenting is cut in half—she takes one idea, you take the other!

Because really, who doesn’t like saving time?

5 | Blogging BFFs help you brainstorm when you’re feeling writer’s block come on.

I’m always leaning on my blogging BFF for brainstorming help. This has been especially true lately. I’ve been feeling very “meh” about my blog, and my writer’s block has been going strong for a solid month and a half (at least).

Luckily, I’ve got a blogging BFF who’s in my target audience, and therefore has a ton of ideas about what I should cover. Sure, not all of them are exciting to me, but even two golden ideas from her are more than I started out with!

Plus, it’s always nice to have a second person’s opinion; you never know what ideas they might have that you’d never come up with on your own!

6 | They give you honest feedback.

Sometimes, friends don’t give you honest feedback because they’re worried they’re going to hurt your feelings. You’re eagerly awaiting their opinion, and they panic and tell you how great of an idea it is, but they actually think it’s terrible.

While you can appreciate the sentiment, that isn’t really that helpful. In fact, it can be quite harmful.

BFFs, on the other hand, aren’t afraid to tell you how they really feel, because they know you, they understand what you’re going for, and aren’t afraid to tell you that you’re off the mark.

The same goes for blogging BFFs. There have been a lot of times that Angela and I have had to give each other some hard truths when it came to our blogs (or real life, to be honest), and we didn’t fight about it; we appreciated it.

So, as you’re working to implement new strategies you’ve read about, thought about, or learned in an ecourse, talk through it with your blogging BFF. Either she’ll help you get super amped about it (see #1), or she’s going to save you a lot of time and pain. Both scenarios are pretty great.

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7 | You help each other stay on track and hit your goals.

Lots of bloggers post monthly goals on their blog as a way to hold them accountable and be a bit more transparent with their readers. And I love this! But if you don’t want to put it all out there, you can do a personalized version with your blogging BFF!

Angela and I do this every work day. We call it “123 let’s have fun!” (named after the catchphrase of Detroit Red Wings player Dylan Larkin, aka D-Boss). Each morning, we share the three highest-priority items we’re going to get done that day. (Okay, being totally honest, it’s usually never 3… my record is 11.)

We have a Google Sheet where we keep track of all of our 123’s, and throughout the day let each other know when we finish one of our tasks.

Not only are we constantly keeping track of each other, but we also get to celebrate with each other each time we cross something off our to-do list, no matter how small it may seem! (Again, see #1).

8 | Blogging BFFs easily become regular BFFs.

And finally, and perhaps definitely best of all, your blogging BFFs quickly turn into your regular BFFs. The two aren’t mutually exclusive!

If you asked me who my best friends are, I’d list Angela near the top. Outside of my coworkers and my fiancé (and maybe my dog or cat), she’s easily the one I talk to the most. She knows all of my shit—good and bad. We talk blogging, sure, but we also talk money, work, relationships, hygiene… nothing is off the table for us.

And that probably wouldn’t be the case if we weren’t also blogging BFFs, because blogging gives us an excuse to pester encourage each other every day.

After all, isn’t that what BFFs are for?

Blogging BFFs are super fun to have. But in the end, they aren’t just fun. They’re good for your mental health. So do yourself a favor and find a good one—and keep her around.

  • This is fantastic. It’s very true that having a Blog BFF can help you be REAL, not a robot. Because bloggers often forget (including myself) the joy of socializing so instead of blogging 24/7, you can chat or hang-out with your Blog BFF online or in-person.

    All the Best,
    Jan Limark | Brotherly Creative

    • Exactly! You can’t just sit at your computer all day every day with zero human interaction and expect that you’ll never get burnt out. 🙂