How I Make My Blog Graphics in 15 Minutes or Less

When you're a blogger with a full-time job, your time is valuable. So, how can you blog productively? Design productively! Here's how I make my blog graphics in 15 minutes or less so I can get back to the important things in life.

When you’re a blogger who works full-time, productivity is a huge priority. (Okay, who are we kidding? Productivity is a huge priority for everyone.)

One easy way to be more productive is to speed up the amount of time it takes for you to create your blog graphics. Here’s how I create my blog graphics in 15 minutes or less, without sacrificing on quality or design.

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How I Stay on Top of Tasks for My Job, Blog, and Life

It can be really tough to juggle a blog, a job, and, you know... a life. But it's possible! Here's the organization system I use to stay on top of tasks for everything in my life--without letting anything slip through the cracks!

As a career-focused woman with a side hustle, I’ve got a pretty big to do list.

I’m currently working full-time, running my blog, planning a wedding, and, you know… existing in the world. So I’ve got graphics to design, blog posts to write, cat boxes to clean, clothes to wash, and flowers to pick out.


With all of these things in my life, how does one expect to say on top of tasks and not let everything fall through the cracks? Well, I’ve been working on that for the past few years, and I’ve got some tips to share.

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8 Reasons Blogging BFFs are Good for Your Well-Being

Blogging BFFs are awesome to be around. But they're not just fun: they're also good for your well-being! Here are the 8 reasons blogging BFFs are super helpful to your mental health.

Blogging can be such a lonely industry. Most of us sit at our computers, all alone (except maybe a dog or a cat), with no one to talk to but our mysterious “audience.”

While a lot of us have full-time jobs to give us some human interaction, the actual act of blogging can be quite lonesome.

So, what’s a blogger to do? The best solution is to find blogging BFFs who can talk you through ruts, share industry knowledge, and give you a peak inside your target audience.

Believe it or not, blogging BFFs can actually have a huge impact on your well-being. Here’s why.

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How to Create Interest Lists in Mailchimp

People love being able to set up interest lists in ConvertKit. But it's just as possible to create interest lists in Mailchimp! Here's how to segment your email list by interest.

Around the blogosphere, it seems like everyone is getting jacked up about ConvertKit. And trust me, I get it. It seems like an awesome email service provider.

But holy cow, it can be so expensive, especially for those who are just starting out and have limited to no budget.

So, I’m here to help you learn how to hack Mailchimp to get similar features as ConvertKit without the hefty price tag. Some might call this using Mailchimp’s features, but I digress.

Today, we’re talking about interest lists. They’re segments of your master email list that designate your subscribers’ interests. So, if you’re a food blogger, you might have interests lists for vegetarian recipes, Italian recipes, and kitchen tips. I might have interest lists for blogging on a budget, graphic design 101, and being a feminist business owner.

But why the heck would you want these? And more importantly, how do you set them up?

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9 Ways Time Blocking Will Help You Grow Your Blog

Feel like you're struggling to find the time to run your blog, let alone grow your blog? You're not alone! Here's a key blogging productivity tip for you: block schedule your time! Click through for the 9 ways time blocking will help you grow your blog.

Every once in a while (read: all the friggen time) bloggers feel a bit crunched for time. You’re working a full-time job, and after 8 hours of work, plus your commute, plus assembling a bunch of items from IKEA, you just feel exhausted by the idea of running your blog, let alone growing it.

Not that I’m talking from experience here or anything.

So, how does one find the time to blog in an endless world of busy? Well, unfortunately you can’t just whip extra time out of thin air, so you’ve got to prioritize.

My favorite way to enforce those priorities? Time blocking.

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